Saturday, December 15, 2012

Story Time!

A Kiliki's Story

   We all have a story to tell. Each of us goes through life with joy and sorrow. Trials and triumphs. It's the experiences that shape us to who we are.
My story is a bit goofy... different and somewhat interesting. It's about family.. craziness.. and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 So ya that's me as a little kiddo rockin' that tiger costume. I was born and raised in Orange County, CA to some pretty bomb parents. Old school, tough, and very understanding.. I learned a lot from them.. and continue to do so. At a very young age I learned of God and Jesus Christ. They taught me that church was pretty important.. and praying can do some awesome things. Along with them, I had two older broskies.. Keli'i and Keoni. We are really close to one another.. and love to do crazy things with each other.

 Growing up I was very quiet... adventurous.. and curious. As I got older... I was very involved in sports... socializing.. and eventually comic books!!! (Yes, I am a nerd at heart... but we won't go any further..).
But biggest thing that has shaped who I am is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I remember missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints teaching me the Gospel. It was so clear.. easy to understand... and answered so many of my questions about life's journey and purpose. For the past year I wasn't attending church with my family and friends.... so having these guys around taught me the importance of church again. Soon I was baptized.. along with Keli'i. My mom was the forerunner and was baptized a few months earlier.

Cory Cargill and I
Being a member of the church wasn't easy at all. Being a convert was scary and challenging at first. For the first few years my family and I also faced many trials... testing our faith. Adjusting to the changes and new atmosphere came over time.The trials were overcame with our faith and love. As I started going to church faithfully.. attending the activities.. I learned so much of Christ and His teachings. I made lots of new friends for life. I grew closer to my family most importantly. Even one of my best friends from childhood wanted to learn of the Gospel and eventually was baptized as well. I had the opportunity to baptize him.

Life moved along. Then God once again tested me and broke me down pretty hardcore. And during that time.. a thought came to my head.. A thought that I would change my life. I decided to serve a mission.. be a missionary for the Lord and share the Gospel. A lot of people thought I was crazy.. but hey... missionaries taught me the Gospel.. and has changed me life.. why not do the same? Many months later I was called to serve in Montana.. a very foreign place.

I left many things out.. but hopefully you got a clear overview of my life. If anything... I guess I want to leave with this. The Gospel has been the biggest blessing to my life. This gift was introduce to me by 3 young men serving the Lord. My family has been the center of this Gospel... along with the Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope some day you take time to listen to these young men and women who take so much sacrifice to share this great message.

Some fun pictures of my adventures.

Can't Forget him!

Pretty sweet view..

Sledding with a wetsuit. Yup.


My neighborhood friends.

Good Ole' Surfing!


  1. Thanks for the story Kiliki, I'm working on a story of my own right now :).


  2. This was fun to read! I learned a lot about you!